The Development Process

There are 3 major phases of development

  • Pre-Development
  • Construction
  • Post-Development


Site Acquisition and Diligence:

  • Market or Portfolio Evaluation
  • Site Selection
  • Lease or PSA negotiations
  • Site Due Diligence to include environmental review, site design, value engineering, entitlement and zoning review, etc.
  • Initial Pro Forma
  • Lender and Investor Financing
  • Site closing


site improvements and building construction elements

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Other Site work
  • Foundation pouring
  • Building work:  Site utilities, Framing, Roofing, HVAC
  • Interior work:  Electrical, HVAC Distribution, Drywall, Flooring, Paint, Fixtures
  • Other On-site Work including Site Grading, Paving Parking, Landscaping
  • Off-Site work, such as traffic mitigation requirements (deceleration lane, for example), sidewalks, utility support
  • Inspections
  • C/O and Tenant possession


site marketing, remaining leasing, disposition

  • Lease up and additional tenant acquisition
  • Property Management
  • Site Security / Surveillance
  • Sabilized asset evaluation
  • Marketing / Advertising (parts of which can be completed during other two phases as well)
  • Disposition and any outstanding legal issues
  • Any outstanding financial concerns such as refinancing if long term hold is considered
Benefits of working with Leaders Brokerage
  • Market evaluation and Opp Zone identification
  • Board Presentations & Site Submittals
  • Large format mapping
  • Demographic Site Evaluations
  • Risk Assessments including competitive evaluations
  • Land/building negotiations working in tandom with developers to achieve the best possible tenant rates
Benefits of working with Leaders Brokerage
  • Options for development structure including Build-To-Suit, Fee Development, Sale-Leaseback, Ground Lease, Reverse BTS
  • Co-Tenant flexibility for optimized lease rates
  • Prioritization for anchor tenants
  • Value Engineering
  • National platform with the ability to work anywhere in the United States
  • Move into a turn key facility with minimal RE development effort
  • Transparent process with anchor tenant access to development spreads and ratios

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