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Leaders Real Estate is a Commercial Real Estate brokerage specializing in Tenant Representation.  Over the years, we’ve noticed the lack of support businesses have in identifying the right location for their business.  We’ve developed tools that can help small and large businesses alike in providing the numbers behind the “feeling.”

Who We Serve


From restaurants, to goods, fitness, and professional services, we can help you navigate your target market.


Whether it’s Dental or Urgent Care, we can help build custom metrics and analytics solutions for your company growth.


See your target market in a new way.  Where is your Family Entertainment Center drawing it’s customers?


Looking for professional office space or a building for your new headquarters? Let us hit the ground and find you the next opportunity.





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Identifying bottlenecks in your organization with Ben Hernandez

Ben Hernandez is the managing partner of Skytale Group. Skytale group been in business since 2018. They are healthcare focussed management consulting and sell side M&A firm.  Austin and Ben talk about three of the biggest challenges healthcare groups are facing right now: Staff shortages, aka the great resignation Rising…

Leveraging Real Estate to Scale w/ Dr. Tim Richardson

Dr. Tim Richardson is founder and CEO of Acorn Dentistry for Kids. He has six practices through out northwest Oregan that were all started through de novo.    He began centralizing services after opening just two locations. He now owns the real estate for four locations, two of which he…

Are we at the top of the acquisition market? With Brian Colao

How do you value EBITDA? It's a combination of : Infrastructure payor mix use of innovative technology such as AI whether the owner stays on and their skill set the ability to integrate specialties plan for growth and ability to grow culture In short, it's an art and not a science. …

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